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Working in the wine industry

Are you thinking about working in the wine industry? If you are passionate about wines then becoming a sommelier may be a great job for you! The job of a sommelier is a little bit more than just tasting wine. Aside from helping restaurant guests to select an appropriate wine to have with their meals, management together with sommeliers are building wine lists that are consistent with the cuisine of the establishment. Sommeliers are also responsible for the meticulous storage and care of wines.


Wine Jobs Salaries

In order to see the dynamics of the salaries in the wine industry we used the data collected by Guildsomm annual survey and here are the results for 4 years of surveys.

Wine Jobs Median Salary

Wine Jobs Median Salary by Gender

Wine Jobs Median Salary by CMS Certification

To become a Master Sommelier, a candidate (with an Advanced degree) would need to pass the incredibly difficult exam, which consists of three sections:a blind tasting of six wines in 25 minutes, a verbal theory examination,  and a practical restaurant service component. All three sections should be passed to earn the diploma.

According to Forbes the average candidate sits for the exam two to three times — and some take it as many as six times. It takes years to prepare for, and a very small percentage of candidates who attempt it actually passes.


Wine Jobs Median Salary by Years of Experience

Wine Jobs Median Salary by Job Title


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