10+ Wine lover gift ideas for 2019

10+ Wine lover gift ideas for 2019

It is sometimes even more pleasant to give gifts than to receive them. Enough money to buy gifts is one thing, but finding the right thing is much more difficult. You can usually rely on the hobby of the receiving person, which in our case is wine.

True wine connoisseurs are hard to please, so even a 10$ bottle will not suit the Chateau Margaux. Fortunately, you can find gifts for wine lovers except for the wine itself - an unusual bottle thermometer, a decanter in the shape of a blood vessel (because wine is blood, isn't it?) Or some fancy storage rack that will surely knock out an expert from his socks.

To simplify the search for unique wine gifts, we have selected these excellent examples of what you can give to your favorite wine lover. Some of them are useful, some are funny, and we hope that this will help you in your search for the perfect gift.

Now let's move on to the pictures! Please note that under each idea of ​​a wine gift there are “buy” links, so if you find any wine gift you like, you know what to do.


1. Vintage. Aged to Perfection  T-shirt 

unique wine gift

This  T-shirt is a unique wine gift for any wine lover! With all years available, several color options and sizes up to 5X this is the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day or just an unexpected surprise.


2. Red Wine Glass Keychain


3. May contain Wine Mug

Thinking about a gift for a coworker who is a wine lover?

Waiting for a wine o'clock after a hard day at your office?

This great mug will remind it's owner about a fine bottle of wine waiting for her! Get it today and every cup of coffee will taste like your favorite glass of wine!

4. Floating Wine Bottle Holder

Display your wine with style! This novelty wine holder makes a great centerpiece for your wine cellar or your dining table! It will fascinate everyone who comes to visit.

5.Electric bottle opener set

SUPREME QUALITY CORDLESS ELECTRIC WINE BOTTLE OPENER is sure to delight all wine lovers among you! Easy to use - a press of a button will extract the cork from any bottle within no time!


6. Winosaur Women's T-shirt

This T-shirt is a perfect and unique gift for any wine lover. Get it today for you or your friend!


7. Wine Lover Women's Sneakers (all white design)

8. Wine Lover Women's Sneakers (Black sole design)


9. Wine Aerator

Small and effective, this aerator is perfect for accelerating the drinkability of your red wines.


10. Wine & Glass Wine Necklaces


11. Bring Me a Glass of Wine Socks

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