Wine Tour in France : Bordeaux or Burgundy?

Wine Tour in France : Bordeaux or Burgundy?

Are you about to spend some time in France and thinking which wine region to visit for a day trip of a tour and tastings? 

Need help choosing between Wine Tour in Bordeaux vs Wine Tour in Burgundy when you can't do them both?

Here are some thoughts to help you on this matter.

Wine Tour in Bordeaux

Wine Tour Bordeaux

Where to Stay in Bordeaux

You could stay in Bordeaux itself, but we would recommend staying in a smaller town like St. Émilion. It is just a more interesting experience.

Wine tours  in Bordeaux

The chateaus are large in comparison to the wineries in Burgundy.

In Bordeaux you need to make reservations; everything is preceded by a very involved tour and after that, when it's tasting time, you'll probably get the most recent vintage and maybe the second wine, which isn't that exciting. 

Because St Julien / Pauillac / St Estephe are really far from the places you'll be staying expect lots of time in the car.

Do a Few wine tours, because the first few really are interesting and educational. Be selective. Do Mouton, they have the best infrastructure for receiving guests, it's a great facility, and they actually serve a ready to drink taster vs. everybody else.


Bordeaux except for wine tours

Do the bike tours through the vineyards, go to the many great restaurants with amazing wine lists.

Bordeaux is lovely, but it is just a little less likely that you'll get the more intimate experiences that you can still find in Burgundy.


Wine Tour in Burgundy

Wine Tour in Burgundy

Where to Stay in Burgundy

You can stay in Dijon, but again, I would stay in Beaune or one of the villages.

Wine tours  in Burgundy

Burgundy is comprised of much smaller producers, which also means they are not always set up for tastings/tours. Some of our favorite producers, don't offer tastings for anyone other than their distribution partners. 

Wine tourism in Burgundy isn't as developed as Bordeaux's.

That's purely personal opinion, but we enjoy Burgundy more than Bordeaux (both the place and the wine). 

Overall, if you're a fan of drinking Burgundies and would like to get the more intimate experiences then your choice is Burgundy. Otherwise, go for wine tastings in Bordeaux. 

Make sure to have all your wine gear ready with you and start to pack your things.


Have you visited Bordeaux or Burgundy?  Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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